Fitness Centre

Featuring the latest equipment, our fitness center invites you to give all your muscle groups a good workout!

Are you a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t want to compromise on their health and fitness while on a vacation or business trip? Lifferent Hotel caters to all specific needs of fitness lovers like you!

What’s in Store for You?

Beautiful City View

The gym offers exceptionally panoramic views of Tbilisi City to make your fitness sessions extra exciting, pleasant, and interesting.

Your workout sessions won’t feel like a drag when your eyes are set on the breathtaking views from the glass windows!

Luxurious Interior

The interior of the gym is specially designed to fully meet European standards. It offers a cozy, warm, and comfortable environment for maximum customer satisfaction.

Latest Technology and Equipment

Offering excellent facilities and the latest Technogym equipment, our fitness center is hands down the best! Our aim is to make your stay at the hotel worthwhile and so, we don’t compromise on the quality of services provided.

Get ready to step up your fitness game with the leading Italian Technogym stimulators!

Multi-functional Platform

From conventional exercises and yoga to Pilates and other special exercises, all kinds of workout routines can be easily done in our fitness center.

Professional Yoga and Pilates Trainers

Our team of professional trainers is at your service not only to help you with your exercise routine but also to offer expert workout and nutrition tips.

You can learn different forms of exercises, including yoga and Pilates, and diversify your workout schedule while enjoying a highly professional training ambiance.

24/7 Access

The gym is open for hotel guests throughout the day and night to cater to the needs of both morning and evening exercisers. 

You can work out and practice a new exercise routine anytime for FREE! You can also get yoga and Pilates classes at relevant rates! 

To learn more about our fitness center and its amenities, feel free to contact us TODAY!