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In 2001 the fda announced a new regulatory scheme called smart the system to manage accutane related teratogenicity that required roche to provide defined training materials to doctors, and for doctors to sign and return a letter to roche acknowledging that they had reviewed the training materials, for roche to then send stickers to doctors, which doctors would have to place on prescriptions they give…

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Isotretinoin is a teratogen; there is about a 20 35 risk for congenital defects in infants exposed to the drug in utero , and about 30 60 of children exposed to isotretinoin prenatally have been reported to show neurocognitive impairment.

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There s not enough evidence to know whether flonase is safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding infants.

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Crestor helps reduce the amount of ldl cholesterol and the accumulation of new plaque from damaging vital arteries when used in combination with diet and exercise.

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